“Action is eloquence.”

We couldn’t exist without our volunteers and ever-present supporters.  There are many ways to help (for one hour or for the rest of your living days), meet like-minded people, have fun, and earn our undying gratitude.

Interested in volunteering? Drop us an email: info@fools.ca.


Year round, our amazing volunteers roll up their sleeves to pitch in and have fun on one off events such as our Sing Along Fundraisers and The Ottawa Theatre Challenge. We also welcome volunteers with office skills or those looking to learn a little more about what makes the Fools tick!


Torchlight Shakespeare will run again July through August 2019 and we will be looking to set up our volunteer roster in May/June. Torchlight volunteer positions include:

Muscle & Energy

Want a fun, healthy, free work out? Skip the gym and join our Tetris-loving dynamos for one or multiple performances! This is a group of people who can roll up their sleeves to help with load in and load out of our set before and after performances

People Enthusiasts  

Love talking to people and making them feel great? Our Front of House volunteers are just the team for you. From chatting about a mutual love of theatre, to helping people find that little patch of grass the perfect size for their chair, blanket or dog, this team is dedicated to making the audience experience extra Foolishly special before, during and after the performance.

Community Ambassadors

Want to volunteer during the daytime? We’re looking for an energetic poster posse to take neighbourhoods by storm days in advance of our community visits.  As the face of the Fools, you will help spread the message through print and word of mouth that a Company of Fools’ Torchlight Shakespeare is coming to their park and soon.

a Company of Fools encourages volunteers from diverse artists of all backgrounds regardless of race, color, gender, national origin, age, religion, creed, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.