Preparing for the First Day of Rehearsal

June 29th: 2pm -3pm
July 20th: 2pm – 3pm
This workshop is focused on preparing actors for the first day of rehearsal. Together students will read aloud and dissect a scene from a contemporary play, learn how to break a scene into ‘beats’ and how to understand a character’s motivation.


The Art of the Monologue

July 6th: 2pm – 3pm
July 27th: 2pm – 3pm
The second installment in our series of acting workshops is focused on preparing a monologue or a solo performance. Through a series of exercises focused on a pre-selected piece, participants will build the foundation of a strong solo performance. Participants will also learn about auditions and tips for choosing their own monologues. 


Meet the Bard! An Introduction To Shakespeare

July 13th: 2pm – 3pm
August 10th: 2pm – 3pm
Participants will get a crash course in Shakespeare and classical text. Through games designed to make Shakespeare’s language come off the page, participants will learn to tackle Shakespeare without fear. We’ll explore the basics of iambic pentameter and how to make sense of a 400 year language. For Bard lovers or newbies – all are welcome!