“By the pricking of my thumbs, something Foolish this way comes …”

We are thrilled to announce this year’s spellbinding summer production will be … MACBETH! Prepare to be utterly enchanted as we present this tale of murder and betrayal with a Foolish twist – an all-female/non-binary cast of witches taking center stage to charm audiences both young and old.

About the Show

Picture this: Macbeth, a Scottish thane with big dreams, gets a prophecy from some mysterious witches that he’s destined to be king. Instead of brushing it off like a sensible person, he dives headfirst into his vaulting ambition, with his equally ambitious wife, Lady Macbeth, egging him on. 

Cue some sneaky plotting, a sprinkle of murder, and a dash of guilt-induced hallucinations, and you’ve got yourself a classic Shakespearean recipe for disaster. A cautionary tale with a side of sword fights and supernatural spookiness, our Macbeth is a theatrical rollercoaster that’ll leave you questioning whether it’s really worth it to stab your way to the top.

Run Time: A cool 90-minutes


Ananya Antony
Kate McArthur
Joy Mwandemange
Rebecca Russell
Leanna Williams
Kate Smith
Bonnie Garland
Costume Designer
Andrea Steinwand
Set & Props Designer
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