Ottawa, ON – a Company of Fools brings Ottawa something entirely brand new this fall – our Love from Afar Window Tour. This eight performance tour will bring our unique Shakespearian mashup about what it means to love across boundaries to senior care facilities throughout Ottawa. This is a live theatrical production that will take place outside of the facilities and will be watched by the residents through their windows. Using FM radios, the production will be broadcast indoors to allow for safe, physically-distant and uniquely Foolish entertainment. 

While the performances will be for residents and staff only, that doesn’t mean our wider audience will miss out on the fun. Everyone will have a chance to enjoy the production, as Love from Afar is being completely digitized into an animated comic – with accompanying cast voiceover and original score. Through a partnership with the Ottawa Public Library, this animated comic will be available for all via their website following the tour, completely free of charge.

About Love from Afar

This completely original Shakespearian mashup by Ottawa theatre powerhouses Nicholas Leno and Sarah Finn blends six of the Bard’s classic scenes with comedic interludes that all explore what it means to be in love, the different types of relationships where love can grow, and how love can overcome the hurdles of these socially distant times. Three Actors will adopt six famous roles each as they bring life to the love stories of Romeo and Juliet, As You Like It, Much Ado About Nothing, Hamlet, King Lear and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Directed by co-author Nicholas Leno, this snappy, endearing weaving of Shakespeare’s most memorable stories of the struggles and triumphs of love will keep our hearts warm this fall.

A Brand New Approach!

Love from Afar is a one-week tour that will visit senior living facilities across Ottawa to perform our new Shakespearian mashup. Our production will be presented outside these facilities, and residents will be able to tune in to our miked actors on their radios to listen along in perfect quality.

As our first-ever leap onto the digital stage, the animated comic will allow for our wider audience to experience the production in a completely unique way. With both static and animated scenes, complete with voiceover, this comic is the perfect way to let everyone in on the action. A new approach, but the same quality Foolish fun Ottawa can count on.

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