Although best known for our performances, the Fools are also educators!

We provide workshops for elementary and high school students, as a complement to classroom studies. All of our teaching staff are trained theatre professionals with backgrounds in education.

Our Workshops

Discover Shakespeare

An introductory workshop that encourages students to have a good time investigating Shakespeare through performance. We teach students that Shakespeare is meant to be seen onstage and not read on the page. By using simple games that focus on rhythm and Shakespearean insults we give students permission to play with language. We also give students tools to tackle scenes and monologues from some of Shakespeare’s greatest hits.

Creation Theatre

Embark on the creative process known as ‘collective creation’ as we teach students how to make their own piece of theatre. Using techniques of improvisation, storyboarding, and theatrical design, we’ll give your students the tools they need to tell the stories that are important to them.

Introduction to Mask

Using a variety of masks provided by the instructor, students will investigate the idea of taking on another character. Students will have the chance to explore their chosen mask by studying themselves in mirrors, making drawings, and inventing life stories for their character. Masks of different styles and traditions from around the world are used in this workshop.

Interested? Download our Workshop Info Package or email us at info@fools.ca

“A fun and highly interactive workshop where we were able to hone our skills in areas you probably won’t get to experience in a classroom. We learned the importance of vocal inflections and body language in a safe and non-judgemental space.”

Grade 12 SHSM Student

“It was an experience filled with laughter; taking away memories and skills. It was beyond an average class experience.”

Grade 12 SHSM Student