a Company of Fools invites you to compete in a friendly contest of creation in celebration of World Theatre Day! Those brave enough to participate will have only 48 hours to create a new piece of theatre based on inspiration items provided by their fellow competitors.   A panel of esteemed judges will adjudicate the performances. 

Bribes are encouraged and trash-talk, laughter, and silliness are sure to abound – all in the interest of dethroning last year’s champions, Pareidolia (featuring Monica Bradford-Lee and Matt Hertendy).   

Who will take home bragging rights as Ottawa’s Best Theatre Company and walking away with the esteemed privilege of holding the coveted Rubber Chicken Award?     

Want to participate?
Email info@fools.ca with the subject line “I’m not chicken!”. Please provide us with your company/team name, a brief bio, and a list of participating company members. 
Deadline for submissions is March 13th.  

Event details:
When:  Tuesday March 24th
Where:  Arts Court Studio – 2 Daly St., Second Floor
Time:  Doors at 7pm, Show at 7:30
Price:  Pay-What-You-Can Afford

Note: An inspiration party will be held at 7:30pm on March 22nd, where competitors will exchange inspiration items. Participating companies must send at least one delegate to the event.