Thank you to everyone who participated in the Twelfth Night Not fundraiser. We raised approximately $1040.00 bringing our Fall fundraiser total to around $1900.00
And now the winner, chosen at random:
You will be going to see the Ottawa Senators play the Winnipeg Jets  on the February 19th, 2017 at 1700h.
The weather outside is frightful! I know that many of you were disappointed that we didn’t hold our in person Twelfth Night fundraiser, but after a couple of days of every form of precipitation possible, it is, in a word: unpleasant out there.
So tonight you get to stay in and stay warm! You’re welcome! But if you are longing to hear Shakespeare’s delightful comedy as only the Fools can do it follow the link and enjoy:
Also it is never to late to donate:
We will see you at our Shakespeare’s Birthday/Deathday celebration in April.  And don’t forget the annual Theatre Challenge in March!  Stay tuned for details.
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