Coming to a park near you 2nd July – 2nd August 2010!

All shows start at 7pm.

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This lively comedy will “snap crackle and pop with energy” says director AL Connors, as true love finds it’s way- helped along by fairy dust, the mischievous Puck, and dare we say it? – an ass.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream has all the Fooling around you expect from the Company of Fools. The talented cast pulls Shakespeare’s first true comedy into the present time with a perfect mixture of physical energy, silliness and fun making it a delight for audiences of all ages. This is Shakespeare the way you wish you learned it in high school!

This year’s production features Richard Gélinas, Stephanie Iszak, Cari Leslie, Brad Long, Katie Ryerson and David Whiteley, with AL Connors directing.

Plan to gather a group of friends together to experience A Midsummer Night’s Dream on a summer’s eve. What could be more perfect?

Performances are 90 minutes in length with no intermission. Tickets are “pass-the-hat-and-pay-what-you-can” ($10 suggested.) Please remember to bring your bug spray and a blanket or lawn chair or to sit on.

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