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Poster - The Danish Play

From the same Fools who brought you last year’s smash hit A Midwinter’s Dream Tale comes Shakespeare’s Danish Play: a hilarious re-imagining of Hamlet as you’ve never seen it before. Clown duo Pomme and ‘Restes return with their friends for an all new adventure. Can this troupe of clowns complete Shakespeare’s masterpiece? Or will the curse cause everything to spiral into madness? Starring AL Connors, Scott Florence, Cari Leslie, Margo MacDonald, Alix Sideris and directed by Andy Massingham.
“Very funny… surprisingly moving” Patrick Langston, Ottawa Citizen, January 2010
“This is a real clown show… The physical choreography was impeccable… perfectly orchestrated chaos and it’s good fun.” Alvina Ruprecht, CBC Radio 1, February 2010
“Bringing the laughs by the bathtub-full and proving that even the most cursed of plays can be a pleasure for the audience.” Peter Henderson, Apt613

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