a Company of Fools is Ottawa’s oldest professional Shakespeare company. The mandate of the Fools is to produce innovative, entertaining and accessible shows based on and inspired by the works of William Shakespeare.

We are unique in that we achieve this by combining the physical theatre techniques of clown, mask and puppetry with a strong understanding of the classical text to tell Shakespeare’s stories in as clear and entertaining a manner. You can expect to see brand new original creations inspired by Shakespeare as well as the classical full-length plays (with a Fools twist!)  We provide programming year-round.

Our signature event, the annual Torchlight Shakespeare series, also makes Shakespeare accessible by taking it out of the theatre and right into your neighbourhood parks each summer. Our Torchlight Shakespeare shows are always for “pass-the-hat” donations in an effort to make great theatre available to everyone, regardless of economic background. Since the show is seen in a different park each night, it gives residents and visitors throughout Ottawa and the surrounding region an accessible outdoor Shakespeare experience.

Part of our mandate and mission is to be active in the fields of education, performing arts and the community at large.  We do this by:

  • Providing exciting and interactive introductions to Shakespeare for young people through workshops and performances at elementary and high schools.
  • Programming professional development workshops for emerging and established artists in the region.
  • Hosting the annual Ottawa Theatre Challenge; a chance for companies large and small to creatively challenge themselves in honour of World Theatre Day.
  • Where possible, we provide work opportunities for young emerging artists and theatre professionals- in-training to gain experience with more established professionals
  • Performing at charity events and for youth groups and partnering with other non-profit and charitable organizations i.e. various charities have benefited from the proceeds of our Fool-A-Gram sonnet delivery, opening night previews and money raised during the Ottawa Theatre Challenge.
  • Providing a valuable performing arts and cultural experience to audiences of all ages and backgrounds through the Torchlight Shakespeare series

a Company of Fools Theatre is a not-for-profit incorporation and a registered charity.

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